Lead Generation

We provide future clients through different facets of marketing which includes but not limited to, telemarketing, email marketing and social media marketing. We also qualify those leads based on your specification and make sure that there is a high level of interest before setting up an appointment with you.

You're guaranteed a fully-managed multi-touch, multichannel campaign with three-month duration. Particularly it is comprised of services of:

  • Team is comprised of five specialists hand-picked based on their expertise in your particular target industry or vertical and will carry out an integrated voice, email, web, and social media campaign on your behalf.
  • Completely updated database of your target prospects
  • Use of our own CRM, our cloud-based lead management and marketing automation tool. Our CRM streamlines the process of running your campaign and nurturing marketing opportunities. A technology that has both important functions of Well- known lead management and marketing automation tools that you pay a thousand dollar/mo subscription.

How it works:




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